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Krayzie Bone


I'm a skinny n*gga but hit'em with the weight of an elephant
I heard'em say leathaface is no longer relevant
You stupid b*tch show some intelligence you n*ggas negligent
I'm slicker than a reverend hella sick but keep the medicine
A veteran better than any competitor that never ran
I'm a forever brand you, you just a clever fan (biter)
Studied my verses, my swagger, my lingo
And then you get nerve to come try to battle with me tho
You ain't heard that sh*t's illegal
So you will be sentenced to an injection that's quite lethal, dat's word to da people
I'm like wine I get better with time fine and genuine fire I spit that sh*t that blow a n*gga mind
Here I come you better run motherf*cka run
You wanna battle son come wit a couple guns
What chu thinking we ain't thuggish ruggish no more
Like thuggish ruggish to old, y'all mother f*ckas is cold man
But Cha slow and you need to keep up
Go getchu some security n*gga you need to beef up
Before you can even grow up the nuts to come to see us
You gotta keep it real and admit dat you wanna be us, cause I's the ceaser (mean Caesar ?)
A lot of n*ggas talent hide behind a lot of money (Yep)
But that ain't really talent (nope) so they ain't really valid (nope)
I still reign lord of the underground
I stay sharper than a sword and I cut cha down
Gotta admit I'm so bored with ya f*cking sound
I decided to aim forward and bust some rounds
How you like me now n*gga on my 3rd wind
I forever last leather mask when I merk men
Styles after styles I go for miles
Put together verbs and nouns that's like wow
Murder was the case that they gave me for me slaying so many sucka mc
So now I got a murda rap but I said f*ck the police nobody move nobody get hurt
I got the formula and a method truly effective so I'm warning ya we really warriors
And you n*ggas is only rappers that tried to capture the culture
But much was lacking of course like showing action with force
So now I'm back in the door come to shut down shop
If you think you badder n*gga duck my shots
Give a f*ck buck buck pop pop my Glock
Unstoppable I'm impossible to lock down
You could be a brick wall and get knock down
These bouji n*ggas swear they hard cause they hot now
I got style skills got me till the coffin drop
And even then my sh*t'll be selling like the homie Pac
I'm so sick wit this mind of mine
Lyrical Einstein as I design the rhymes
When you hear a certain kinda sound
It was birth from the underground and
You look and you turn around and it's the Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone

Tell'em we originators
Tell'em we originators
Tell'em we originators
n*ggas innovators
Run up get some, n*gga get some
Run up get some, n*gga get some
Run up get some, n*gga get some
Run up get some, n*gga get some
Quiji Got'em
Quiji Got'em
Quiji Got'em
Quiji Got'em
Quiji Got'em

Kray jack quarterbacking the squad we scoring 1st and 10
I throw tha bomb and my n*ggas burn ya first defense
But I done graduated so now I'm coaching the game
By the time it's over I be owning this thang
Was kind of slow but it came cause I stayed focused on the legacy
Gritty living all these lil b*tches no longer pleasure me
Running up testing me is deadly never ever measure me
If you ain't the weaponry you better get ta yelling peace (peace)
n*gga surrender
You need ta getting ta fading the beat cause I'll continue
n*gga don't be playing with me I get up in ya
You n*ggas ain't compared to me that's my my opinion (b*tches)


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