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Krayzie Bone

"Ride If You Like"

107 Point, uhh, Thugline Radio
Callin you on the air
What'cha wanna hear baby

Hi, I wanna hear the new Thugline Krayzie Bone joint
You know, the one with...

Ah yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right Krayzie Bone
107 Point, uhh, all day in your, uhh, in your pee hole baby

Umm, can I get some tickets...

Thugline, Thugline
It's Thugline, Thugline

[Chorus: Krayzie (LaReece) - 2x]
If y'all n*ggas think y'all can keep up (ride if ya like)
Then come into my world we just ( thugs for life)
Think we just hangin let's ride (ride if ya like)
Have a hell of a time on the Line
Thugline (thugs for life)

Y'all n*ggas can't keep up (can't keep up)
Bust bigger like a D-cup
And after we get rid of this dope we gon' have to re up
All you could say is we what? (what) thugs for life
No if, ands, or f*ckin buts, so ride if you like
I stand and cut (stand and cut) and sparkin the weed up quick to heat up
Them ladies love the way the thunder (thunder)
Poke 'em waitin that c*ck beat up
Mic freaker, dope seeker, and i'm bangin thru your speakers
Stop ringin my beeper b*tch I said i'll see you when I see you
Best believe a n*gga servin more wood than Ikea
Ain't nobody been in and out of more draws than me neither
Now pass the reefer to propel cheif, but n*gga heaven's not either
And that dip is only for all believers
Now if you still with us you kept up
If not, guess what?
They're comin to crept up
And y'all chose the wrong n*ggas to step up
It's F'd up, but can't and ain't changin either
Thugline ain't for the bullsh*t, and Mo Thug neither

[Chorus: Krayzie (LaReece) - 2x]
Where the thugs at?
Ain't nuttin but dimes in the back
And oh we wanna know just who's the mack with the biggest sack
Where your crew at? We can do that
Got the Juice and the Gin round up all your cutest friends
Got the Herbs and X and thicks that serve sex
We hope you G'd up
Cuz b*tches weed up flossin them D-cups
We came to kick it so don't smoke the weed up
Check the riders for heat cuz you know
Them drunk ass n*ggas they always seem to f*ck up the flow
Let's go to the pool and sip Martini in our new bikiniz
The mood is right we tipsy and jacuzzi is steamy
These b*tches see me and they mad cuz the thugs on my crew
These n*ggas riders, they love dope, don't give a f*ck about you
They got the stripper up in V.I.P., for ballers with cheese
All of this please is streasin me like y'all won't believe
They all up on me
I roll with playaz that pack heat and love crime
I represent the ladies b*tch the crew is Thugline
Ya know?

[Chorus: Krayzie (LaReece) - 2x]
Get up outta my car i'm feelin ziggity, ziggity, ziggity
Can I get a little bit of Hennesy
Add a little bit of Gin and we got that Sin, let the party begin
I'm with my friends and we rollin
Smokin, blowin, chokin, rollin up some more, and more 'til we POD' ed
Past cromatose f*cked up and weeded
Need more reason for chillin, we having a good time
And plus the hood's tight, so should I put up my pistol? No
I brought my digs but you never know about these thug haters
Gotta stay ready to blaze 'em, fade 'em
But it ain't sh*t happening my n*ggas what's happening?
This one for the family and it gotta be T-H-U-G-Line
Let me hit it one more time
Look at my eyes shut all the way
We in the sky cuz the only way to fly is high
Come take a fly with'cha n*gga hit this and close your eyes
Get a ride free your mind
But watch out for one time
Can never get blinded them b*tches get up and they trailing behind me
I'ma be the n*gga with the heat seeker bring it on

[Chorus: Krayzie (LaReece)]

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