Civil Warz
L.C. Rip - Civil Warz (ft. Control) [Prod. by V.I.C.]

(Control - under the alias Gryft)
To all my homies with the L's in the sky, pass the lie
Gettin by, high, fuck if I die in a drive-by
Cause it's all about the ride.. not when you hide
And lighter, if you try [?]- and got the good on the inside
Me gettin paper equals bitches, they want my riches
To grant their wishes, leavin me in stitches
Still in the frame to get stuck with the dishes
They hate the player.. when they should hate the game
I reach the fame, leavin em on their knees in shame
I represent my Nob Hill-billies to the fullest
Poppin shots, tellin the city which street is the hoodest
Got the mayor in a rut, he don't know where to put us
Breakin outta cells, pollutin the city wells
Turnin life into a livin hell.. makin bail
Cause we makin money, see
Sellin rocks to the jocks, white pony [?]- for the phonies
Smack is for the.. cracked out. Crack is for the wacked out
My dick is for that bitches mouth for any small amount
Never on the same block, two times in a row
There's always some punk tryna get a ticket to the show
To that I say, no. I flip the script when they see me
With my fofo (.44) stickin out the window
I pass, then I blast..
Got my finger on the trigga, while I puff on the grass
Got a bitch in the 2 seater, got her moaning, doin 80, while I finger her
Finna hit the tricks, fuck all the lingerers
I kick em to the curb, reverse to observe what occurred due to my verbs
(L.C. Rip - under the alias Chambers)
Yo It's a concrete jungle.. with constant struggles
There ain't one day where there ain't no trouble
Like the Middle East, it's all ashes and rubble
With snakes all around, tryna pop you like a bubble
It's a fucked up puzzle, that nobody can solve
I've seen a gun get pulled, til no bullets revolve
Leavin a young kid dead, and a murder unsolved
Cause if a thug plug a thug, ain't no cops get involved
It's not our fault, the pain is buried in booze
And it's not our fault, we've gotta carry an Uz
This was by default, not a life that we choose
But it's all that we got, and so we can't just lose
Open up your mind, ain't no time to slack off
Stay up on the grind, like a prime Tony Hawk
It's all about the climb, ain't no phoney ass talk
Ain't no Miley Cy-shit, fuck that boney ass thot
All these broads that I know, just wanna act like that
And alotta opps know, that's how they get us back
Send a ho, to our show, set em up as the trap
That's some Animorph shit, bitches turnin into rats
Passin most pussy, cause they come with a whip
Plus alot of em dirty, not to mention want kids
And there ain't no hurry, so I give em the slip
As I kick back.. just me and my Nob click