International Boy$ Club
Designer Vodka on the table
Pockets filled up with Mandela
Belvedere got me stable
I'll make your girlfriend lose her manners
She shakin' her a$$ for my handle, double tap on another level
I'm not talking instagram though, don't you know your girl a ho

I'm sorry didn't mean to f**k up the party, lame a$$ n***as sip barcadi.
Climb to the top, jump on these hoes like my name is Jeff Hardy (ooh, ooh).
I just want all of my n***as to come to my crib in a bentley that coupe photogenic, we're chillin with all types of b*t*hes they ratchet but most of em all independent.

Iz u feelin my wave right now (splash)
Stop surfin my wave right now
I wanna get paid right now (moola)
I just got a new deposit
Wanna buy a Maserati (skrrr)
Get a bad b*t*h like Karrueche
Not someone to tell me I'm useless
Left that b*t*h and now her a$$ is clueless

She lovin my tongue it's designer i guess, get to the scene and you know that i flex (flex).
Flex on my ex, flex on your ex, flex on everybody ex.

Chillin wih all'a my bruhs
Driving a Ha-Tuh-Tuh-Tuh
Cause ye' we don't give a fukk, playing loud music to Mall of The North.

Hear us from a mile away, your girlfriend c*mmin my way, everything going my way, she do everything that I say.
She not even cute but homie is okay, she suckin' bombd**k and she sippin' bombay, in a few minutes she'll be in my bed.
F**k her today but tommorow we strange.

Focusing hard on these racks (racksss)
I wanna fukk up a check
She lovin' that ice on my neck (icceee).
Shawty told me that she never tasted gold you feel, so I gave her a young kiss wih my gold teeth and she told me that she dig it, true definition of a gold digger.
And yo girl, last week, asked me, why am I always on fleek.
& told her is because, I think that i got the sauce best believe I got the sauce.
Walking and waving insida the club, might leave a trail cause my swag is a sauce, get** yeah the outfit a sauce.
Get to the scene b*t*hes start trippin', I might leave a trail (my swag e stay drippin)

She shakin her a$$ for a kilo
Showin that puss on the d-low
Ion give a fukk I'm Vico.

Can't u see I'm rockin gucci, my d**k it go hard like a uzzi
after that cuddle in the jacuzzi, even though I know that your a floozy.

So baby relax, take off your dress, kiss on my chest, you know I finesse (finesse, finesse, finesse)

Twenty Fifth of June twenty sixteen, i wuz mobbin hard me and my team.
Retro21 laid it down. N***as got to f**ken understand.