Go Drunk, You’re Home
Intro: FreshlikeUhhh

We'd be good together!
Ey shawty do you smoke?
Ey shawty do you smoke?
We'd be good together
Flower bomb
Hair salon is where I wanna get it

Verse: FreshlikeUhhh

Shawty do you smoke?
We'd be good together
Everybody calls me Pablo but you can call me whenever
You've met a couple stars, come and settle with the moon
Let me listen to your heart beat and treat it like a tune
Maybe write a song maybe I could write a poem
I'm a poet and I happened to notice that you are flawless
Diamonds are forever baby you said you was vegan?
I got karats for you, what you sippin' what you eatin'?


Hey there big guy
Nice watch
What time is it?
Come I'll fix you something
Twende basi

Verse: FreshlikeUhhh

Flower bomb
Hair Salon is where I wanna get it on with you
Maybe make it official
You don't like Roses, baby but like you like pictures
You know life's a movie and these n***as all fiction
School of hard knocks I'm not your average kinda n***a
Graduated young with no scholarships or tuition
My intuition is in line with all my wishes
And I'm wishing I could shower your existence with kisses
On the day that I ask you to be my Mrs
Cause you're always on my mind and I like to mind my Business
So baby come here ma
Child come nearer
Let me look into your eyes, yeah, two brown mirrors
Say my name mother nature didn't hear you
Karma is a trick! but she won't get near you
Tears in your eyes, so your vision 50/50
But trust me when I tell you I couldn't be any clearer
I couldn't be any clearer
It don't get any clearer
The Lord is my witness
Your beauty is like
Yo have you ever seen the sun rise on Mbudya island?
Neither have I eh, but Wallah, I'm pretty sure it would catch my eye
Like you did ...
Outro: VIC

I swear
I swear
I swear
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah