Hello everyone
I'm sorry I took so long
But I was on spaceship gattica
Planting nuclear bombs
I had to destroy these clones
Before they all invade
And I did it for the love of hip-hop
Because I didn't even get paid
You know this is my trade
And I caught up like bokeem
As I scream
I ain't goin' out like no punk
Bump the majors
I'm blowin' on a indie labial
Like a playas pager
I'm still represent the savior
Just been blessed mentally
To supply you with more true flavor
You purchased my recordings (hey cool)
Will herе's 2 sec. of silence dedicated to you
My way of sayin' thank you amigo
Now I'm rollin' wit two gansta's in a regal
Wit ski mask on
Lookin' for some sucka's that boosted my style & songs
& since I out here trippin'
I might as well get wit Mr. Taylor
For dissin' , Me, the supreme individual
You came foul wit my residuals
And until now I really didn't understand but
What you think a brotha's been doing with all these books in my hand
Just browsin' naw man
I've been tryin' to comprehend
How I can have a gang of fans
Rock crazy shows
& still have to live wit
Five roommates
In a bungalow
But bump that yo
I'm on my own label
On the cellular phone
Enjoying lobster at the table
While laughin'
Cause I herd the new one you started is crashin'
And it feels good
Cause you had a broth p*ssed off like that movie rose wood
Doin' people wrong
Won't last that long
And that's a lesson u learn young in the hood
If you need more proof
You can ask Shug Knight
Is when I like to write
Cause its something about the stars and the moon
That helps a brotha's , creativity bloom
Like daffodils
Distilled elements
Amplify my developments
Never embellishment
I'm dope and that's fact
And also a pioneer
To what's known as Gospel rap
So what you mean when you say that
Sup over his junk ain't gonna sell
My you better watch ya mouth
Before I put hands on you like Sprewell

My verbal treats give you a work out
Like aerobics instructors
Sup the hip-hop conductor
Flashing my high beams on sucka's
Get out the fast lane
Slow flow-ers to the right
This lane right here is for advanced homosapiens
On the mic
I excite the crowd like
One of them Jerry Springer fights
And didn't even grab the mic
It's just pure energy from dope production
Fools be talkin' smack when they got a tape full of punch-ins
That's cause they ain't got good breath control when they be bustin'
Me I audio logical mystery like the black hole
You'll be banded like Joe Camel thinking you can handle
My federation of kingdom meditation
Stompin' out demonic manifestation
Like I'm Kirk Franklin
Ain't no escapin'
It's the bible toting scripture
Resisting MR. spontaneous like lighting
Striking with energetic poetic writings
Blocking you 20th century vikings like line men
Even when my minds in neutral
I still have points like a sprocket
Free to rock blue like snoop
Or red like rocket
Do my best then slam the mike on stage like lead singer in
Sexual chocolate
The M.C. who's tired of living check to check
And when you collect its already gone
So I'm smokin' up the microphone like homegrown
Vernacular full of T.H.C
So take a hit of me
And escape from reality
My personality
Constructed by 1john 5verses
11 thru 20
Now you can pause the tape and read
Or wait until the song is complete
And marvel off how cleverly I just planted a seed