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Walter Mitty And His Makeshift Orchestra

"Save Banning Ranch"

Its not easy being honest, Its not easy being nice
And I ain't no psychiatrist, i just give good advice
And its easy to get lost in all these streets with spanish names
And all these house, cold and lifeless, like dead bodies, all the same

And corporate as*h**es who need more money for nicer vacations are moving in and squeezing us all out
Squeezing us all out

Now I dont like your beige house, and i dont like your sound, and I don't like your culture, and I don't like your town
And how close to the heavens can we get by building up? Planned communities and office spaces, I'll be throwing up

When our children and grand kids with views of construction and pictures of small blue houses saying, "hey dad, where did it all go?"
Where did it all go?

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