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George Clinton

"Rita Bewitched"

She tried to call us
On the telephone
Rita´s bewitched, it´s true
´Cause when I answered
She told me she was on her way over
And it wouldn´t take long
My dear Rita babe
By the fence I duck and hide
Wasting my time around
Girl you oughta stay home
My car sittin´ right out back

I was supposed to be gone

She done come cut ´em on
Uponst her broomstick riding low
Next time you catch me on a Thursday
When I´m not at home with friends
Who don´t want to meet you
My dear Rita babe
´Cause girl when I´m with you
I cry out loud, scream stark raving mad
Baby ooh yeah, oooh yeah
What I want to say
Is never quite take for granted
That I might be afraid
Abracadabra my foot

Well is gonna be good?

I´m not afraid of your flame
But don´t let it burn my thang
Uponst her broomstick ridin´ low
Rita is bewitched
Look out, Rita´s bewitched
She get down make me itch
She got me marching
Rita don´t wanna be alone
She´s got me dreaming
She´s gonna be receiving my body
Right down to the bone
Wee Gee board cannot express
What I find in each breath
She blows down my back
Or in her heart she gives when
I know she won´t take it back
Abracadabras, hocus-pocus, alakazam
So frightful, seems unreal
She knows she got hex appeal
What I wanna say
Is never quite taken for granted
That I might be afraid
Rita´s bewitched look out
Rita´s bewitched

She´s got me burnin´

One hundred and ninety degrees
Go tell your mama
Before it´s too late
Rita´s gonna burn the mother down
Crystal ball, cannot recall
Past events and time we spent
On her basement floor
Or in a ´57 Chevy
Down by the seashore
Rita is bewitched
Look out...
Rita is bewitched
Look out
That old Black Magic
Got me in her spell
Nothin´ but a witch
Give me an itch

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