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George Clinton

"(She Got It) Goin' On"

She wore a Fila mentality
Sporting a beeper
On her hips
Good to go Kangol
With some tight mobile jeans
Ooh I mean
Totally good and fresh
Totally serious

She got it goin´ on (x4)

A-plus student
Soon to be
A college grad
Two jobs
Hang out all night long
Tell me
Ain´t the girl bad?
She got it goin´ on (x2)
The girl´s
Got it goin´ on
She got it goin´ on

Something about
Some student unrest
In solidarity
With the Third World
You know the girl
Raised a fist
She said
Economical terrorism
Was at the bottom
Of it all
And at the top
Was a fat cat
And Humpty Dumpty
Is about to fall

Real weird hairstyles
Curls of Jheri

The girl´s head is scary
Active fist
Active later

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