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George Clinton

"Guerillas in tha Mist"

[Verse 1]
Come down and beware of the black fist
The guerillas straight mutherf*cking killers in the mist
Take a shot Buck Buck but you can't whore us
Never thought you'd see South Central n*ggas in the forest!
Don't kick in the chorus just yet
Cause we ain't made a mess yet
Lench Mob produce the best yet
Comin real hard man
Bumpin in your car man
Finally caught up with a devil named Tarzan.
Swingin on a vine
Suckin on a piece of swine
Jiggaboo come up from behind
Hit him with a coconut, stab him in his gut
Push him out the tree, he falls right on his nuts
And just like EPMD
I don't like a b*tch named J to tha A to tha N-E
Can't wait to meet her
I'm gonna kill her
Cause that little motherf*cking Cheetah can't hang with a gorilla

[Verse 2]
You try to pay me off with a banana
But J-Dee is blacker than a city called Atlanta
Give me some elbow room, I need some elbow room
So I can boom shak-a-lak boom
That's the sound of the twenty gauge
Lock us up and the Lench Mob can break out of any cage
You never even hear of this, I'm takin care of this
Lench Mob environmental terrorists
f*ck Grape Ape and Magilla! I'm a killa
Magilla Gorilla, ain't a killa
White boys like Godzilla
But my super n*gga named King Kong
Played his ass like ping-pong.
So motherf*ckers get the ding-dong
Or the bozack. What's that? di*k and nut sack
So get your butts back from the black fist
Cap peelers the guerillas in the mist!

[Verse 3]
Va-voom here comes a n*gga from the dark side
Talking bout a brand new apartheid.
South Central straight ghetto native
Gotta show these devil muthaf*ckers what I'm made of!
Yes, never smoke the sess
Only hit the Buddha when I'm beatin on my chest
I'm laying in a cut, I'm laying in a cut
I'm laying in a cut 'bout to shoot me a mutt (with what?)
With the BOOM, PING, PING!
Listen to the ill sh*t that I bring bring!
Nappy headed n*gga, coming out the mist
The smog, the fog
Ice Cube is my motherf*cking dog, yes
Kicking mutts, Smoking humps
The guerillas, rollin' four deep with the bumps
Short Dog got the muthaf*cking pump
And it's true, T-Bone got the twenty-two
That's how it's done
So you better run yo'
Run your ass out the jungle
Cause hear the guns go and we don't miss
The Lench Mob, the guerillas in the mist!

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