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George Clinton


Erotic E Intro:
One time for your motherf*ckin mind
Yeah this is Erotic in the house with my n*gga Jamal
My n*gga Calif
Passion in the motherf*ckin house
The unf*ckwittable individuals, that's us
That's it with this laid back sh*t
They about to rip and by the way
My dog George Clinton's in the house with us
To get it on right
Yo it's gonna be about that time I think to lay it down
And ah as long as you as you realize...
That it can't be f*cked with, you can get with this
Right check it

George Clinton:
You can't f*ck with this

I make your eardrums bleed like a 9 millimed
n*ggas steppin' up like they wanna see me
I be the P to A double S crooked I
You and your crew contenplating suicide
Your troops callin' truce when I let the flavor loose
Like a duece duece, now who want the proof?
Def Squads over here, step to the rear
I got the sh*t you don't wanna hear
The sh*t you fear, the money talks and the bullsh*t walks
Recognize the realest streets of New Yorks
Marley G got my back like a trigger to a mack
10 and I'm rollin' in a jet black Benz
No hoes everybody know the code of the streets
n*ggas don't sleep cause n*ggas got to eat
Follow my styles like rituals
I beez the unf*ckwittable, lyrical individual

George Clinton:
It's unf*ckwittable, you can't get next to this sh*t
You can't get next to this sh*t cause it's unf*ckwittable

Yeah now as I think for a sec, wait a god damn minute
These n*ggas all up in it like they want it and they with it
Full of envy and testing me lyrically
I don't follow no beats I let the beats follow me
Lyrical metaphors are ready for your brain
Coming down like rain I bring the pressure nd the pain
Fallin' on your back like birdsh*t you fall
Into the pits of Passion and poison stikes the membrain
Saying my name in vein causes pain
Back to reality your fairytale is over
n*ggas is wishing on stars and four leaf clovers
But I be wishing apon styles and microphones
God bless the child who bites her own now
Styles are invisible, critical
Passion is lyrically unf*ckwittable

George Clinton:
That's what this is. This is some unf*ckwittable sh*t
Matter of fact this...

See I be standing in the middle of certain stances
That cause n*ggas to get they ass lit till they sh*t
In they drawers
Ha ha here to drop the funk hydrolic pump accupunture
Passion and Jamal here to taunt ya
Known for blow back to back we kill tracks
n*ggas don't understand how we do it like that
Representation, no perpetration
All we see is trick ass n*ggas in the nation of playerhation
But I just play it cool instead of playin' the fool
Cause MC's get stuck like glue with the tool
For the residuals, Jamal's the unf*ckwittable
Lyrical individual

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