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George Clinton

"Heartz of Men"

Hey, Suge, what I tell you, n*gga?
When I come out of jail, what I was gonna do?
I was gonna start diggin' into these n*ggas' chest, right?
Heh, watch this!
Hey, Quik, let me see them binoculars, n*gga, the binoculars!
Hahahahaha! Yeah, n*gga, time to ride!
Grab your bulletproof vest, n*gga
'Cause it's gonna be a long one
Now, me and Quik finna show you n*ggas
What it's like on this side—the real side
Now, on this ride there's gonna be some real motherf*ckers
And there's gonna be some pussies
Now, the real n*ggas gonna be the ones with money and b*tches
The pussies gonna be the n*ggas on the floor bleedin'
Now, everybody keep your eyes on the prize
'Cause the ride get tricky
See, you got some n*ggas on your side
That say they're your friends, but, in real life, they your enemies
And then you got some motherf*ckers that say they your enemies
But in real life, they eyes is on your money
See, the enemies will say they true
But in real life, those n*ggas will be snitches
It's a dirty game, y'all
Y'all gotta be careful about who you f*ck with
And who you don't f*ck with, 'cause the sh*t get wild, y'all
Keep your mind on your riches, baby
Keep your mind on your riches

[Verse 1]
9-1-1, it's an emergency, cowards tried to murder me
From hood to the 'burbs, every one of you n*ggas heard of me
sh*t, I'm legendary, n*ggas scaried and paralyzed
Nothin' more I despise than a liar, cowards die
My mama told me when I was a seed
Just a vicious motherf*cker, why these devils left me free?
I proceed to make 'em shiver when I deliver
Criminal lyrics from a worldwide mob figure
Thug n*ggas from everywhere, Mr. Makaveli
n*ggas is waitin' for some thug sh*t, that's what they tell me
So many rumors, but I'm infinite, Immortal Outlaw
Switchin' up on you ordinary b*tches like a southpaw: you get left
And every breath I breathe until the moment I'm deceased
Will be another moment ballin' as a G
I rip the crowd, then I start again, eternally, I live in sin
Until the moment that they let me breathe again
The hearts of men

The hearts of men

[Verse 2]
My lyrical verge with so much pain, to some n*ggas, it hurts
My guns bust, if you ain't one of us, it gets worse
b*tch n*ggas get their eyes swoll in fly mode
I'm a homicidal outlaw, and five-o
Get your lights on, the fight's on
Tonight's gonna be a f*ckin' fight so we might roll
My own homies say I'm heartless
But I'm a G to this until the day I'm gone, that's regardless
Ride by, n*ggas bow down, thought I'd rot in jail
Paid bail, well, a n*gga's out now
Throw up your hands if you thugged out
First n*gga act up, first n*gga gettin' drugged out
I can be a villain if you let me
A motherf*cker if you do upset me
Tell the cops to come and get me
Rip the crowd like a phone number, then start again
Don't have no motherf*ckin' friends
n*gga, look inside the hearts of men

In the hearts of men

[Verse 3]
To all my n*ggas engaged in makin' money in the fifty states
Keep your mind on your chips and f*ck a punk b*tch
No longer livin' in fear, my pistol close in hand
Convinced that this is my year like I'm the chosen man
Give me my money and label me as a don
If n*ggas is havin' problems, open fire and bomb
I died and came back, I hustle with these lyrics
As if it's a game of crack, thuggin' is in my spirit
I'm lost and not knowin'
Scarred up but still flowin', energized and still goin'
Uhh, can it be fate, that makes a sick motherf*cker break
On these jealous-ass cowards 'cause they evil and fake?
What will it take? Give me that bass line, I'm feelin' bomb
Death Row, baby, don't be alarmed
The homie Quik gave a n*gga a beat and let me start again
Represent, 'cause I've been sent, the hearts of men

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