Keith & Kristyn Getty

"Sing We the Song of Emmanuel (Gloria)"

Gloria, gloria

[Verse 1: Matt Boswell]
Sing we the song of Emmanuel
This the Christ who was long foretold
Lo in the shadows of Bethlehem
Promise of dawn now our eyes behold
God Most High in a manger laid
Lift your voices and now proclaim
Great and glorious Love has come to us
Join now with the hosts of heaven

[Verse 2: Matt Papa]
Come we to welcome Emmanuel
King who came with no crown or throne
Helpless He lay the Invincible
Maker of Mary now Mary's son
O what wisdom to save us all
Shepherds sages before Him fall
Grace and majesty what humility
Come on bended knee adore Him

[Bridge: Matt Papa w/ Matt Boswell]
Gloria, gloria
Gloria, gloria
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