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I know kids that are 15-16 years old
They can multiply $100 into $5000
In less than 4 hours, doing drugs- selling drugs
And they're very proud about it

{Verse 1}
Opp block, bally on me
I back that blade like Unknown T
Mans in the field like Thierry Henry
Your man'll go missing, bury him deep
Do so much work that i barely sleep
Gotta pay my bills, gotta earn my keep
S-Serve them fiends, they keep coming back
Cause the service clean

P-Push that weight like Hercules
Push that weight like Hercules

{Verse 2}
Grab his head then sever that off
Mans got demons, devilish thoughts
Semi-automatic might pepper that off
Man send him to heaven, straight to god
I'm telling you now there won't be no sequel
Car-jack him and then boost his beamer
Cable tie him and shoot that weasel
Flat to the map back to the trap
Back to the blat man, reload pack and stack that cash
Back that mash, mans on the glide with the broom
Like a wizard, shooters and killers
Bootings and drillings
I don't give a f*ck about his family's feelings

{Verse 3}
Listen carefully, take this in
Here's the spinner make it spin
Sell his bill and it will get bought
Crypto phone, man send that dot
Lift that chrome and he will get shot
Man jumped that counter, the till get got
Gotta-gotta black bag for the bits N bobs
Headline of the paper dipped and robbed. (for the bits N bobs)

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