Fatman Scoop
Roll The Bud Up
[Intro: Marty Baller & Fatman Scoop ]
Marty Baller
I hate it when they try to tell me I can't smoke
I can smoke anywhere I want
My name is Fatman Scoop
The chrome
Turn up

[Hook: Marty Baller & Fatman Scoop]
Roll the bud
Roll it up (x7)
Roll the bud up

[Verse 1: Marty Baller]
Really, muthaf**ka are you dumber, are you silly?
Ferga bring my kush with a Philly
We smoke backwards, n***a backwards, couped the whole pack if it act good
Hate when a n***a wanna act up
Cap a muthaf**ka if he act hard
Ask me why I did it cause he asked for
I'm Marty Baller and I'm a trap lord
I'm rolling out, please do the same
Less do I know what the f**k is you saying
I'm smoking kush, make me insane
Got me so high, I created the lane
If he don't smoke, then he a lame
I had [?] be keeping the plane
I hit the stage and they screaming my name
Triller, get out and I'm reppin’ my gang
Blunts, they giving me blunts, pretty a** girls, they do what I want
Showin' they boobs, bring up to the front
They down with the sh*ts and I want them for lunch
Cookies and lean, cookies and lean, couple of cookies I hide in my jeans
And then she finished the team, smoking that blue got me living the dream

[Hook: Marty Baller & Fatman Scoop]
Roll the bud
Roll it up (x7)
Roll the bud up
[Verse 2: Smoke DZA & Fatman Scoop]
Giraffe pu**y, coughed up a lung like the last rookie
Smoking on Dower got mad cookie (woahhh)
Hoping that [?] will blast for me
My man Phil has some hash for me
If it ain’t no loud, don’t pa** to me
My accountant 12 in a gla** for me
I’m in room 420, n***a ask for me
Smoke DZA cause I’m the kush god
Now you ain't gotta look hard
You can tell the smell from the L’s and good raw
What you smoking ain’t good par
Sh*t, I wake up, roll up, start my day
Get money, know the routine
N***a way before the hoop dreams, I had thousand gram coupe dreams
American dreams is too mean
Got skittles on deck, touchdown from the Bay
Pound after pound, got play after play
Six packs sold, 20k in a day
Make a n***a feel some type of way
I do sour hour marathons, watching for the babylon
Less talk, more smoke and take five while they babble on
I got the loud in my carry on
Whats up

[Hook: Marty Baller & Fatman Scoop]
Roll the bud
Roll it up (x7)
Roll the bud up (bud up)
[Verse 3: Marty Baller & Fatman Scoop]
Yo, I don’t really go over there if them b*t*hes ain’t puffin’
What they smokin’ over there, they ain’t rollin’ nothing
Don’t tell me they smokin’ no loud if them n***as ain’t coughin’
Ferga gonna (put ‘em in the dirt, put ‘em in the dirt)
Weed got me tweakin’ I tell you, no lie
Think that I’m big cause I’m ready to die
Think I’m R.Kelly, believe I can fly
Girls fall in love with the things that I buy
I cope some Benz and they ready to grind
Couple of bottles, they ready to slide
I got the telly, they ready to ride
Get in my car, get in my car
Tell your girlfriend she gonna see you tomorrow
I’m rollin’ up, now we smokin’ out the car
You know she odd cause she talkin’ bout stars
Trippin’ of [?] and I’m geaked off of bars
She worry bout [?] and I’m worried bout cars
Worry about money, she talk about broads
Shawty relax, giving her back

[Hook: Marty Baller & Fatman Scoop]
Roll the bud
Roll it up (x7)
Roll the bud up (bud up)

[Outro: Marty Baller & Fatman Scoop]
Turn up
Really, muthaf**ka are you dumber, are you silly?
Turn up
Really, really?
Let’s get ‘em man
Roll it up
Let’s go