Fatman Scoop
Outro - Fatman Scoop (Special Herbs + Spices Vol. 1)
[Fatman Scoop]
Yes indeed
My name is Fatman Scoop a/k/a Big Colorado
And I've been your host, through this
Entire, voyage journey that just went down
MF Grimm and the family baby
Special Herbs + Spices Volume One
Flavorin it up for you real crazy
Just sit back right now, mellow out
Say to yourself... "What have I just heard?
What does it mean to hip-hop?
What do I need to do, what's the next step?"
Well you know what the next step is?
You need to stop this right here
You need to go back, listen to the intro that I put down
And do this all over again
Why? Because this man is flavor
Why? Because MF DOOM is flavor
Why? Because I told you
That this is what you supposed to listen to
And my name is Fatman Scoop
A/k/a Big Colorado
And when I tell you somethin is hot
Please believe me, it's hot
I just don't endorse, any type of bullsh*t