Fatman Scoop
Legend 2
I am a legend
I’m living life
These n***ers hatin’
I’m doing something right
I make it happen every day every night
I am legend
[Verse 1: Mickey Factz]
It’s the number one push up
Put you rapps in the facts
Gonna for a second now I’m back for a while
You can ..my little cousin
He’s as bad as a champ/child
Now he’s at college with a cap and a gown
And that made me proud
He showed me I can make it
He told me I’m the greatest
Cause he knows I wasn’t faking
I was only being patient
I’m still in every second
A murder would take time
I’m killing every rapper
These lyrics are my weapon
If I aim them at your head
You’ll be brain dead
I’m married to the game
These rappers is k fed
Trying to eat off what I did
That's word to j sledge

[Verse 2: Mickey Factz]

Up from the bed
I’m looking to the mirror
Today I’ll be better than you
Look what I’m wearing
Got my pride on my shirt
My heart on my sleeve
My thoughts on my kicks
All this love in my jeans
And you know how it seems
That when you getting green
They think being Bruce Banner
How its supposed to be
We’ll see I was told
Don’t let the money change me
Get in of my way and
You won’t like me when I’m angry
They say it’s truly as dough
Im lou ferrigno with this music sh*t bro
Got that crucifix flow
I'm carrying my cross
I’m headin’ up the cavalry
Looking for the lord saying
[Verse 3: Mickey Factz]

I’m back
They said I wouldn’t last
They told me break a leg
But they wouldn’t sell my cast
They pray for MF DOOM
But I didn't wear a mask
Jus a pair of frames on
Seeing life through the gla**
My bank accounts sad it's
Running out of cash
Bills coming up the a**
And my mama want a bag
I got a free car
But I don’t give free gas
All that says is
Nothing up on this life’s gon last
Is that the legacy you lead
So please all remember the memories You breed
And never will I be what I said I wouldn’t be
But I am legend so I tell them what I see me