Prince and the New Power Generation

"The Sacrifice of Victor"

What is sacrifice?
(we s... We s... We s... We sacrifice)
NPG in mass attack, Sonny, please
(We sacrifice)
Church if you will, please turn to the book of victor (we s, we s)
We like to start at the top if you don't mind
(We sacrifice)
(Don't say it, preacher)

[Verse 1]
I was born on a blood stained table
Cord wrapped around my neck
Epileptic till the age of seven
I was sure heaven marked the deck

(We sacrifice)
I know joy lives 'round the corner
{Joy for sale down on the corner} (we sacrifice)
One day i'll visit her i'm gonna
{Out on my block i'm just a loner} (we sacrifice)
When she tell me everything {tell me}
That's when the angels sing {sacrifice}
That's when the victory is sure enough {sure enough down with the sacrifice}
(We sacrifice)
(Help me)
(Don't say it, preacher)
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