Young Bleed
It's goin' down
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
Check it out, though

[Verse 1]
Ain't nothin' to it but to do it when sh*t treacherous
Go into my mode and get sick with it like the exorcist
Haters can't get next to this to flex with this, I promise you that
Don't lose your life on purpose, n***a, I'ma be back
That n***a don't wanna see that
I'm hauntin' by night stalkin' your death
Rippin' your click apart 'til it ain't no one left
Now who's the first to die? Here, the killers cry young
Pacing back and fourth against the wall with they nuts, huh?
Unbearable, powerful, split the world, go get your dictionary
And paint a perfect picture for the pictionary
N***a, I hope you see what I'm seein'
Bein' a naughty n***a walkin' the world
You can either swim with the fishes or straight go nuts with the squirrels
Go call Earl, my n***a, sh*t, he ain't listenin'
I'm findin' n***as shinin' 'til they glistenin'
Steady whisperin' words through corridors from the 36
Chambers of death, the vital signs of mental language [?]
You can't explain it yourself, so now you muggin' me
I'm scannin' yo' mind to find you'd rather put a slug in me
But the people, they be buggin' me
Maybe 'cause of somethin' they heard
Come to find out they recordin' every word

To all my n***as with the Glock 9s (You know)
That's my n***a with the 4-5 (They know)
That's my n***a with the TEC-9 (You know)
That's my n***a dodgin' one time (You gots to know)
That's my n***a

[Verse 2]
I ain't [?] savage n***as wanna die next to me
And b*t*hes break they self to lay in ecstasy
Police claim they catchin' me
So all the savage n***as come with weaponry
They lady lie down on the ground, convicted felony
They tellin' these n***as to die young if you try 'em in every borough
Hood and ghetto, thug ready, thorough
Act like you know if you don't know
The T.V. don't show boys in the hood livin' savage
And my n***as the boys, ya heard me? Fo' sho', though
Them n***as ain't knowin' that we wanna keep it alright and out of sight, n***a
[?] life with ya, you ready, but is you sho', though?
Take a couple of hits and make some mo' dough
N***a f**kin' with a zag-zigger
Breakin' bricks up in a big bag
Back and fourth we pa** the zig zag, n***a
Give a f**k if you bigger, I'm tryna see off in your heart when that lighter spark
'cause evil n***as live in the dark, ya heard me?
Don't start no sh*t, it won't be no sh*t
Until a n***a wanna snitch like a b*t*h
Tryna dig your boy a ditch 'cause he don't wanna see you get rich
Hatin' on the man that I am, ain't that some sh*t?
Is you ready for me? I'm a blood, n***a, that's treacherous