Young Bleed
Bitch Made Niggaz
B*t*h made n***as
Ho a** n***as
Punk a**, pu**y a**, trick a** n***as
B*t*h made n***as
Ho made n***as
You's a punk, you's a pu**y, you's a b*t*h a** n***as

Thug Addict:
Tell me how you gon' try to compare to a f**kin' baller man
Better go to war with Saddam Hussien n***a f**k we be playin'
Get your a** cut shot wit' the pistol boy
Get your head knocked off put a hole in your top
I don't f**k around wit' no b*t*h made n***a
No ho a** n***a, no punk a** n***a
That talk that muthaf**kin' talk
But really can't walk that muthaf**kin' walk a** n***a
Heart be beatin' a bout a hundred miles a hour
Talkin' that sh*t but know you coward
Now you bout to get your punk a** fouled
I'ma getcha, threw you n***a
Put muthaf**kin' whole straight through you n***a
Man f**k you n***a, you a ho a** n***a
Ol' soft a** n***a, ma and pa a** n***a
I'll throw down the wall knock down the door
Cut a hole in the floor and put some d**k in ya ho
I'll give it to you 'til you can't take no mo'
And treat you like a funky a**, stanky a** ho

Chorus: 2x

You that n***a that be drunk as a b*t*h
You that n***a that's at the bar talkin' loud but ain't sayin' sh*t
You that n***a you that n***a that mean muggin' but ain't bout that mess
You that n***a You that n***a that talkin' sh*t cause you got that tat on
Your chest
You that pu**y a** n***a with that roughneck frown
You that same pu**y n***a run when you hear that sound
You that n***a that's on the side sayin' he wish he was you
You that n***a that talkin' hit about the f**k you gon' do
You that n***a that's plotin' on the side to rob your friends
You that n***a talk your business just to get you a** in
You that n***a ballin' clear but can't can't take care of your kids
You that n***a that's always lyin' bout that f**k you don' did
You that n***a that's makin' record but ya ain't sold sh*t
You that n***a that's mad as hell cause I'm f**kin' your b*t*h
You that n***a that got bust and know you rattin' and sh*t
You that n***a that's off in jail on the next man d**k
You that n***a that's out there cops-a-talkin' worse than a b*t*h
You that n***a that play your people when it's time for inches
You that n***a on the pa**enger side bootin' like it's your heart
I'm that n***a that's on the side that'll pull your ho card
You b*t*h made n***a
Chorus: 2x

Wodie, ya b*t*h made, that way since 6th grade
But I roll with big K's, and I'll leave the b*t*h dead
Head busta, up and comer, pathetic muthaf**ka
Get in my business, Juve's ready muthhaf**ka
Got a scope for you bold n***as
We broke n***as, choke n***as
That scream, "Where the f**kin' dope n***as"
There's a whole bunch of n***as wit' PhD's
]From Jersey, Cali, and the UPT
Can't have ya sh*t
This haterism givin' n***as a fit
Under 30 in my 223 click
Ma**ed up position to buck on
To persuade these b*t*h a** n***as to get the f**k on

Young Bleed:
I gives a f**k about you, you b*t*h you
Don't make me hit you and split you
Like a Ginsu, you crooked
Open up a can a stomp a** on a n***a
Or play target practice with that n***a Hilfiger
A gravedigger, smoke a n***a just like a swisa
You can run but you can't Ill still come and get ya
Be a man klet's do it like the G's do n***a
That's me and you not your whole crew n***a
What you scared
Got them black talons comin at yo head
Talk a lot of sh*t but when it went down you fled
You can't escape that infrared
Rounds and rounds of hot lead, now that punk b*t*h is dead
Da Ganksta:
It ain't no muthaf**kin' game n***a, so why the f**k is you playin'
It's like these b*t*h made n***as don't understand
Even off at the mall you ain't say a muhaf**kin' thing
And you ain't use 'em, you act like you don't want your f**kin' brains
And this thang go, off in this game ho
Oh you ain't know, whooooaaa, there your brain's go
N***a what you know about that real sh*t
Now what you know about the life b*t*h
That sharper than a knife sh*t
F**kin' round'll get you f**ked over
Ho, fake a** ho a** wanna be hard soldier
I see down and hardened a** n***a runnin' 'round fakin' the funk
And they gon' learn when a n***a knock off a chunk
Ol' punk pu**y a** n***a in the boot a** b*t*h you
N***a where your heart at
Where ya nuts at n***a you's a ho

Chorus: 2x