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Chris Martin


[Verse: Larru]

[Verse : Ro]
First it was children thrown out of windows
Then shootings in France
Now children are making new widows just to prove their mad stance
The iPad generation ignored, never given a chance
Universal mistakes we've all made are forgiven with the dance
So take my hand I beg of you and promise to not let it go
A stranger to you right now but a friend
Trust time itself will let it show
Because we're both downstream in the same river so just let it flow
The concave piece, it connects our puzzle if you didn't know
Laughed at facts in the face of prejudice then give it some love, then the way it's smile starts to crack you'd think you'd given it drugs
An image of shame, you've always looked at as given a shove
Remembering only the best moments and taken higher with hugs
Hence now it's us writing this chapter about unity or not
Could it be war stories or fairy tales deciding the plot?
History books about people we fed or people we shot?
Being on fine lines like these lyrics is the only choice we have got

[Verse : Half Decent]
I'm a little bit claustrophobic, A little bit lost but open
A little bit Nostradamus-minded but finding a way of coping
I'm confused at the life I want, so I put it all into my songs
I wrote a petition to keep my position
Of giving you all what I want
I use the ace of spades for digging up graves I'm so courageous
Make the angles rave at their place of fate
Onto the face of the pavements
I'm a little bit bold with statements
And the hair on my head is fading
But the flow that i show through the rubble that grows
Just shows that I'm amazing
I dig into rhythms with lyricism so I'm winning
But I'm never gonna be the one to give up on a wisdom
Never hit 'em with a little bit of gimmick when I'm swimming
It's just a little bit of time inside my prison
Give in to the vision that I'm giving you my livings
So every time I flow I know you listen
But really my re-designed triple time riddle rhyme, synchronized red wine is just my pittance
I don't know why you've been sleeping
Even if my name is Half Decent
14 years in the game, I'm peaking
People peel your eyes and get peeping
I'm giving the blood in these verses when I'm still 9-5 hard working
But I know for a fact that you've heard this verse
You'll Google my name I'm certain

[Verse : Rap2wun]
I'm hip and I'm hopping, bobbing my head when I listen
And bounce with a limp when I'm walking
If you tap into my thoughts then
Rhyming is all you'll be finding, I spit when I'm talking
Can't be hard, you're softened;
Candy bars you couldn't even lift from a shop and
I know know that I'm slim, I don't go to the gym
But I'm raising the bars like I'm lifting 'em often
Puffin' on piff for a lift and I'm off and
Like a Puffin I'm driftin' aloft in
A cosmic ocean to cause commotion
Sip whiskey straight and I'm whisked away
I'll drink rocket fuel and light it up when my vomit spews
And ricochet off this sh*t for days
While you think it's just the way comets flew
Cause why lie, you probably would see me roll away in a moving car
But a drive-by in Hollywood ain't the only way that I'm shooting stars
Just let me converse, it's purely personal
I'll serve movies, you'll see Rap21's verse is truly Universal
Look at the moon, I'm not thinking of golf when
I'm making a hit as I'm lifting and lofting;
Aim for the stars and hope to be putting a hole in one
When I'm licking my shots and
I never made the red carpet but I made the carpet red:
Your favourite actress is hapless in my apartment dead

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