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Chris Martin

"Everglow (Single Version)"

[Piano Intro]

[Verse 1: Chris Martin]
Oh, they say people come, say people go
This particular diamond was extra special
And though you might be gone, and the world may not know
Still I see you, celestial
And I should, but I can’t let you go

[Chorus 1: Chris Martin]
But when I’m cold, cold
When I’m cold, cold
There’s a light that you give me when I’m in shadow
There’s a feeling within me, everglow

[Verse 2: Chris Martin]
Like brothers in blood, sisters who ride
Ye' we swore on that night we’d be friends 'til we die
But the changing of winds, and the way waters flow
Life is short as the falling of snow
And now, I’m gonna miss you, I know

[Chorus 2: Chris Martin]
But when I’m cold, cold
In water rolled, salt
And I know you’re always with me and the way you will show
And you’re with me wherever I go
And you give me this feeling, this everglow

[Bridge: Chris Martin]
Oh, what I wouldn't give for just a moment to hold
Because I live for this feeling, this everglow

[Outro: Chris Martin]
So if you love someone, you should let them know
Oh, the light that you left me will everglow

[Piano Outro]

[Spoken-Word Outro: Muhammad Ali:]
God is watching me
God don't praise me because I beat Joe Frazier
God don't give nothing about Joe Frazier
God don't care nothing about England or America as far as real wealth… it's all His
He wants to know how do we treat each other?
How do we help each other?
So, I'm going to dedicate my life to using my name and popularity to helping charities, helping people, uniting people
People bombing each other because of religious beliefs
We need somebody in the world to help us all make peace
So when I die – if there's a heaven – I'm gonna see it

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