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Porter Wagoner Lyrics

Best Of Grand Old Gospel 2008 (2007)

The Thin Man From The West Plains (RCA Sessions 1952-1962) (1993)

Viva (1983)

Say Forever You’ll Be Mine (1975)

Porter ’n’ Dolly (1974)

The Farmer (1973)

Experience (1972)

Together Always (1972)

What Ain’t To Be, Just Might Happen (1972)

Porter Wagoner Sings His Own (1971)

Porter Wayne and Dolly Rebecca (1970)

You Gotta Have A License (1970)

Always, Always (1969)

Me And My Boys (1969)

Just Between You and Me (1968)

I’m Day Dreamin’ Tonight (1967)

Your Old Love Letters And Other Country Hits (1966)

The Bluegrass Story (1964)

Y’All Come (1963)

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