The Ventures Lyrics

50th Anniversary: Walk Don’t Run (2009)

Christmas Joy (2002)

Guitar Freakout / Super Psychedelics (1995)

New Testament (1971)

Hawaii Five-O (1969)

Flights of Fantasy (1968)

$1,000,000.00 Weekend (1967)

Super Psychedelics (1967)

The Ventures Play the “Batman” Theme (1966)

The Ventures à Go-Go (1965)

The Fabulous Ventures (1964)

Let’s Go! (1963)

The Ventures Play the Country Classics (1963)

The Ventures Play “Telstar”, “The Lonely Bull” and Others (1963)

Going to the Ventures’ Dance Party! (1962)

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy (1962)

Another Smash!!! (1961)

The Colorful Ventures (1961)

The Ventures (1961)

Walk, Don’t Run (1960)

The Ventures U.S.A.

The Ventures [1966]

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