Injury Reserve

"745 sticky (Injury Reserve Remix)"

[Intro: Laura Les]
I make my money on my own, yeah
Wakin' up five in the morning, yeah
Throwin' money in the oven, yeah
f**k sleep and his cousin, yeah
I've been on
Spend my money like it's stolen, yeah
sh*t, I'm already broke and it's only 7:45 in the morning

[Chorus: Dylan Brady & Ritchie with a T]
Goddamn, what the f**k?
Feel like I'm not good enough (Let's go, let's ride)
Get off of me, I swear I'll do it all (Hands up, let's go, let's ride)
Let's ride, let's go
Yeah, if you only got a car, no problem (Uh, let's go)
Tomayto, tomahto
If you got the bread, then the hungry gon' follow

[Verse: Ritchie with a T]
The hungry gon' follow
If it get to your head, then the money goin' hollow
Be easy, if you gon'
Yeah, come see me, if there's more problems
From anywhere, the money gon' blossom
If you talkin' email, then it's no problem
Just CC, so it's so solid
I'm greedy, I'm itchin' for a profit
Put a cease and desist on the guap
Neverless, turn the bread where it squabble
Go and check the blueprint for the plot
Yeah, man, dig it, we ain't possum
Yes-man got his hand on the bible
Thats no-no, my guy
Ridin' dolo, all night
Gettin home 'bout 7:45
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