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Ronny J

"Rhyme Devil (Nwonknu Disstrack)"


You use text to speech in your songs, that's great
Keep on doing that, cause I can barely understand a single f*cking word that you say
Hey look, using auto-tune cause of how bad are you at rapping
But during that entire diss track, I just kept on napping
It's nearly 2019, and you're still talking about hairlines
I think it's better to understand in text, DM me the lines
f*ck "Rhyme God," I'm the Rhyme Devil
TTS Gangsta's Paradise, while I made Level
And I'm pretty sure its "Selling Over," not Over Selling
You guys need to talk more louder, but not yelling
And bro, Nwonknu, I know I can beat your ass
And I'm teaching you a lesson, like a teacher teaching class
Your diss track is called "Trash," well that's self explanatory
You wanna be Lynxx, ending of the story

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