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Ronny J


Oh my God, Ronny

b*tch thinkin' you a cool guy
You a fool guy
You need more school time my guy
You need to shut the f*ck up
You need to put the di*k up to Jess
You a mess my guy
You need more dress my guy
You making me stress my guy
You a f*cking b*tch my guy
I think you could be a snitch my guy
This beat lit man
I win you lose kid
You abuse kids my guy
Everyone knows you Lie!
You a gay kid who touches Rafa
I feel bad for Rafa
You a b*tch ass fool who thinks he's cool
Jess had to fist you in your anus
Your p*nis small I know
You need to shut the f*ck up and die
You lie my guy you a stupid little hoe
Like Bro
How you getting hoes
You unintelligent stupid sh*ts
My left testicle is even smarter
You left the class now you angry at me
I'm hunting people so I'm hungry
Eating these haters like they lose
You choose to do a diss
But you'll never win me
My Rap Devil Skill
f*ck Nathan Ant Rat
I'm the Rap Devil never play with me
You a b*tch who never made a win against me
Oh you a snitch stop tryna be my bro Squirtle
Oh you a turtle you walk like one
Talking about your cap let's talk about it
Sick of your cap let's talk about it
Like mate show your hair you baldy f*ck
Your fat girlfriend Jess like to suck your small di*k
You a b*tch you a di*k you a stupid ass kid
Shut up or I'll punch you and the cap
You support the 666
Mr 666 you a Satan
So are you Nathan
Oh Ack Ack Ack you a b*tch
Learn how to do other words except for Lol Gay
I'll punch you in face Nathan
f*ck Nathan he death in
I'm the bully of all rap you ain't
You a b*tch please die
Ronny on this Beat I know
You a b*tch Nathan and you a snitch
I'll make you pitch red
You had sex with Jess
Everyone knows you a mess!
I'm sick of the cap let's talk about it
Have this defeat and fap to Jess
One tap and your knocked out
One rap and your defeated aye
Your crap song ain't beatin' me
Jess fisted your ass so shut the f*ck up
Never beat me
Never win me
Nathan you died
You lied
You got pied
You die
Oh my God, Ronny
You a b*tch Nathan reply back I bet you can't
I'm the Rap Devil
I don't know how yall sayin' you Rap Devils but I am
You a b*tch Nathan so f*ck off
You a b*tch di*k sucking twat
I'll hit you with a bat
You Fat f*ck!

f*ck this b*tch!
Never mess with me!
I win Nathan you lose!
You took a L
I just tell
You a b*tch Nathan
You a b*tch
You a snitch you a snitch
Nathan's a b*tch

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