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Ronny J

"Ultimate Remix"

Alright I’m Jack!t you know
I’m just, I’m just trynna make something
You know hopefully Denzel will hear this
I’m just trynna make something out of myself
You know maybe, maybe I’ll go big maybe I won’t
Who knows I hope you like it

Feed me the gun
This ain’t no pun
Jack you for fun
No time to run
Smokin an ounce
Your body found
With hella rounds
Get on the ground
Just don’t forget we some blood hounds
I am the deputy
Killin it, Felony
There ain’t no stopping me
Filled up with energy
This a conspiracy cause
I am the ultimate
Doing it infinite
Yeah boy we running it
Hollow tips hollow tips
Remake to ultimate
No sense confederate
Feel my intelligence
Tell by the smell that
That is her fragrance
Don’t got a strap
But I’ll grenade a b*tch
I’ll chop you right down
Zodiac kills with a few hundred rounds
I got a army b*tch
This is my squadron
Don’t forget killa that this is the ultimate
Just know that, who you be f*cking with?
Pull out the tommy man ima be spraying sh*t
Pour out my heart
Show you this is all I give
Jacking and killing
But this not a life I’d live
I am from Florida
New to this so I am a foreigner
She broke my heart
Gave good head
But I’m over it
You in the presence of all that is ultimate

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