Ronny J

"New Body (Nicki Minaj Demo)"

Oh my God, Ronny

[Chorus: Ty Dolla $ign]
Can't wait to see your new body
Don't be acting like you don't know nobody
Nobody count on your new body
I'll be the first one to hit your new body, whoa

[Verse 1: Kanye West]
New ass, new tits, new b*t*h, who this
Who else you know is this bad with two kids?
Nobody ever, ever gave you sh*t
Nobody flew to Colombia like you did!
Trying the new ass out with the new drip
Only thing to ask, who first to hit?
'Cause far as you 'cerned, you is a new b*t*h
In them, we in them, them n***as is too rich
Old d**k don't count, these titties don't bounce
All these n***as say they're here, tryna run up your account
Picked up on a thou, yeah, this summer they were down
But they better act like they know who the f**k he now
This a new b*t*h, got a party table at the Ruth Chris
All bad b*t*hes take a group pic, had to step back 'cause she's too thick
Used to twerk to every, every song
Saved up to buy an ass of your very, very own
FaceTime, body looks like Dom Perignon
Don't pay me no attention, go and carry on
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