Came To Conquer (Remix) lyrics


[Chorus: NorthsideBenji]
b*t*h, I'ma ball
I cannot fail
Keep a .40 on me, bet you could tell
How could I sit around you n***as and chill?
When I got 20 other n***as to hail
I got 20 other n***as in jail
Couple n***as need 'em racks for them bail
So I'm servin' whether snow in the hail
'Cause she from out of state, came in the mail

[Verse 1: NorthsideBenji]
Diamonds like water, I feel like it's raining
b*t*h, I'ma trapper but rapper in training
Keeping the strap for them rats and complaining
'Cause I don't give a f**k 'bout the crap that you saying
All of my youngings be clappin' and sprayin'
So f**k up the GTA, your cats be playing
Trust me it's true n***a, facts had we laying
The news caught us lacking on different occasions
Got them b*t*hes saying, "[?]", n***a
Rollin' woods, like I'm rollin' off drigga
Under stripes, I ain't talking no tigger
Foreign benz, think first you come with us
Shordys working like a symphony, n***a
Chose the main, 'cause the gameplan was bigger
She ain't paying, why the f**k is you with us?
Cut 'em off like a n***a had with scissors
Hop out the side, will you slide to the top?
This fully auto, leave your semi at dot
My n***as rollin', now the spots getting hot
I had to leave the fully auto at pogs
Hating n***as, always calling the cops
My n***as slippin', getting followed and stopped
Chase came quick ready to lob
Know they chatting 'cause the auto was lost
n***a, I'm ridin' with nothing but felonies
Gave the one thing, know you smellin' me
Tell me what's up with the jealousy?
Got it off the pot, than them telly fees
Don't gang bang, but it's better bees
Still gang gang with the fellow seas
Got hard rock to the cocaine
Serving dog food like it's petty grief
f**k, n***a

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