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Screeching Weasel

"Shirley’s On Methadone"

Shirley's on methadone
She's through with the syringe
Shirley's on methadone
She's off of heroin

One two three four

Shirley is doing well
We're glad to have her home
She slept in vomit
Now she sleeps on methadone

But she stopped ripping off her neighbors
Stopped taking change from strangers
Stopped shooting needles full of dreams
Into her arms

Shirley's on methadone
We see it in her eyes
Sounds so much better
But it's just another high

But she stopped calling at three thirty
Stopped looking thin and dirty
Stopped screaming bloody murder
When she got cut off

So why don't you stop with your fake solutions?
Stop covering up the truth
And stop trying to make things smooth
And stop acting like she's stupid

Shirley's on methadone [x4]

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