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Black Star

"Another World"

[Talib Kweli]
We fantastic, flippin on tracks like gymnastics
Small brats get they ass kicked, me and Mos smash it
Top gun like what comes after the, fist rockin' knife
Check the keys that get played on the roads of life
Yo the rhyme is so heavy like a load off my chest
Drop em' on these mc's, leave 'em broken like house pets
Priceless like the streets I'm on, my word is bond
You like Paula Abdul-skat-kat compared to Sarah Vaughan
Sayin, what did I do to be so black and blue
Got Mc's sayin "damn, I gotta go on after you?"
Grab a microphone and do just what I have to do
Aiyyo, I'd like to stop and chat but I'm just passing through
You know I'd like to stop and chat but I'm just passing through

[Mos Def]
I'm on my way back to Louis Avenue
Inside Brooklyn the b-boy capital, lot of cat chat be too black and radical
Say, my response is emphatically yes
We emphatically fresh, you dramatically stressed
These mc's proceed to seize the presidential palace
And burn Babylon like a chalice
Strive to maintain balance
With the God given talent
Articulate the article, eliminate the farcical
Black Star Line shine remarkable, their style ain't even comparable
These so called criminals is fictional they make the party turn miserable
We doc*ment the memorable
Then break 'em up like syllables
Straight down-to-earth like minerals
Your style is foul like Dow Chemical
We five-dimensional, audio, visual, physical, spiritual, lyrical
Another world

Another world, y'all
We transmit another world
Another World, y'all
We transmit another world
Another World, y'all
We transmit another world
Black Star 'bout to shine from what

[Talib Kweli]
Yo Mos, ain't it a shame how these people treating life like a game
Ain't gonna give you no fame by callin out your name
Just explain how I do it and, lead by example
Stay away from repetition don't wanna sound like no sample
You can't handle this Messiah
My sh*t is classical, We get buck like Umfufu, "You treat me like animal!"
Just 'cus you got money, don't mean you made it
Just 'cus you make it don't give you the right to be on that fake sh*t
Matter fact stay out my face
I can't take it like them stupid big horse pills
Your defense is nil, my chatter, shatter your forcefield
Kweli and Mos Definition with more lines then a petition
Yo my mission is to break sh*t in half, like intermission
Then get missing with Hi-Tech in the wind like that
Costin' one million pounds 'cus it sound so fat
Lay you flat like the carpet
Take the tobacco out my spliff before you spark it
The only tye I rock is chocolate
Makin profits like Spacely Sprockets, you can't stop it
To top it, we always gonna be black like markets
From the underground, look around and tell me what you see
Another picture painted perfectly by yours truly

Another world, y'all
Say what, another world
Another world, y'all
Say what, another world
Travellin' through, time and space
On the the Black Star galactica
Yo, another world
'nother 'nother, 'nother, 'nother, 'nother world

[Mos Def]
Never never never soap opera
Whether you, indian, dominican, jamaican or bolivian
No matter what district, quarter, or part of town you livin' in
I recommend you listen in to these distinguished gentlemen
Who take the proper measurement to represent
The sort of home whose cornerstone is built on
Way more than Benjamin
Master MC carpentry
Talib puts the Kweli in quality
Put the groundation down properly
You can't trespass the property
Ain't takin'-or-breakin' robbery
Got the whole owner blast-back policy
Follow me, descendant of the grand master armory
Where cats rock the Wallabe and Kangol, MCs exchange flows
The same goes on, they'll be here when we gone
Hope they heart stay strong for
The other world

The other world y'all
Say what, another world
Another, 'nother 'nother 'nother
Say what, another world...
'nother 'nother 'nother....

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