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Black Star

"Yo Yeah"

Yo, yeah
Yo, yeah
Yo, yeah
Yo, yo, yeah, yeah

[Small girl]
Black is:
Black is something to laugh about
Black is something to cry about
Black is serious, black is a feeling
Black is us, the beautiful people

[Older woman]
That was when some of them bad n*ggas made beauty moving juju change as the drum musics hum!
Mojo vibrated and high Johns screamed through the bloods 'til Nomo hears the blood sounds
Nomo spoke intercourses and all the n*ggas listening acted missionaries too
Dig my people, they acted
The rhythms pulling their minds was one and move move moved
Universe-Earth spirits firing the soils to destroy the evil un-image
Cleanse the waste from the cold lands
Until the cosmos was whole again
And the world had become nude

[Older man]
3:30 in the morning with not a soul in sight
We sat four deep at a traffic light
Talking about how dumb and brainwashed some of our brothers and sisters are
While we waited for a green light to tell us when to go

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