"Part of It"

If you only look at what you want to see
You can see whatever you want to believe
You can make your mantra “love all equally”
And hate everyone else that disagrees
In a perfect world, i don’t think i would sing
My voice would shrink in peaceful atrophy

I don’t want to spend eternity wandering around some distant cloud in a victor’s crown
That sounds like hell to me
So when it’s all unfolding, when you’re ripping out your seams, when the tides start calling, i hope you think of me
When it’s all for nothing .
Every f**k you chose to give
The truth was always ugly
Honesty is Insensitive
Every god and every conscious mouth will sing, “we filled it up the world is ending” i’m resigned to be a part of everything
I want to know when it falls apart that I did my part
That part of it was me
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