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"Filthy Love of Fire"

Detest belief of wanting
Who shelled it out you see
Haven't faced it yet
An amounting need
Throw a soul out so tell a lore
Clenching it between the teeth
A guiding light makes so bright

I don't see
Impales thee
Emptier shell
Holding up higher
Drowning a feeling
Impaling thee
The emptiest hell
Holding it higher
Drowning this feeling

You the understanding
Do you see with me too
Dip an empty head in
Dip that empty head in
In reaching like the sun
It keeps on pulling
The same souls living
The same thing giving out

Once in my head
A flick of flint
Igniting one's self
Sting this hint
Can it be
Take to eternity
If you come out again
Take this heaven a filthy love of fire

Opening light bringing hail
A look at one's self hurts the eyes too bad

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