Empowered, prepared - on a mission
We are the ministry

There have been doubts of the vocation that called us to act
Whether we are still witnesses of the great Love
There are inconsistencies between life and command
Are we truly faithful to the glory of the One

Once we were ministers, servants of the Kingdom
Declaring life at the death's door
With eyes full of hope, we reached for the treasures
The surrounding wind brought us to stars so bright

Are we lost in addiction of people's recognition
Adopting the path of the self-centered
Are we about to join the ranks, ignoring our tasks

Like dying fools, like the betrayers of light

Empowered, prepared - on a mission
We are the ministry of light

Once again we gather - in the shades around the fire
Tensions from the past traced in the atmosphere
Bonded by the Spirit - healing the wounds
Recalling the passion, a glimpse of the dream

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