Wing Lyrics

Safe Computer (2011)

Carols, Rap and Sing : A Beautiful Christmas (2010)

Wing Sings for All the Single Ladies and Raps for All the Safe Parties (2010)

Beat It (2009)

Too Much Heaven (2008)

One Voice (2007)

Wing Sings More AC/DC (2007)

Beatles Classics by Wing (2006)

Breathe (2006)

Everyone Sings Carols With Wing (2006)

Wing Sings Elvis (2006)

Dancing Queen by Wing (2005)

I Could Have Danced All Night (2005)

Musical Memories of Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera (2005)

The Sound of Music and The Prayer (2005)

Unwritten - EP

Wing Sings All Your Favourites

Wing Sings The Carpenters

Wing Sings the Songs You Love

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