The Jayhawks

"A Place In Your Heart"

Hold tight, winds are blowin', coldest that you ever known
Cut through the rawhide right to the marrow bone
Strap a live (?) across your knees to the back (?) so your jaw don't freeze
It's a bitter bad lightning freeze

Who needs to ride a train
When we got the natural motion
That's gonna take us right across the line
Look at the plain, it's the flattest that you ever see
Whoa, oh
Hey, look at that big sky
Look at that moonglow lightin' up the Rockies
On the way to Idaho
Take out your fiddle, put your hand on the bow
Rustle up a pretty tune, put a rhythm in your toe-o

Ray speaking:
Hello? Is anybody there? Hello?

I can't explain
Am I letting my emotions get the better of me?
You're always on my mind
But I can't tell you that I'd willingly follow you
If I can't have you
How can I expect to have a place in your heart?
But I wouldn't be so bold
As to expect you to have feelings for me, oh no
I can't admit it to you (West to East, under the stars)
Cause then I have to admit it to me
(It's a thousand miles to the nearest bar)
An' I wouldn't want to bother you
(West to East, 'til we reach Valhalla)
'Cause then I won't have to admit how much (West to East)
It's bothering me (In the land of the free)
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