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The Jayhawks


[Verse 1]
Yeah, the room is closing in
The air is getting thicker
It's hard for me to breathe
All the writing's on the wall
Yet we refuse to read it
Heads buried in the sand

[Chorus 1]
We've come down a road
To places uncharted
It's our little world
It's time to get started
Short-sighted men
With eyes on their pockets
The next generation is watching the clock wind down
Down, down
(All coming down)

[Verse 2]
As the slaughterhouses hum
Stockholders count their profits
While blocking out the sun
All the oceans brown with foam
The polar ice is melting
Watch forests as they fall

[Chorus 2]
There's no one else
Coming to save us
Why are the children
Always the bravest?
Stealing their dreams
One day at a time
A future betrayal
Denying the science
(All coming down)

[Guitar Solo]

[Verse 3]
Every street is choked with cars
Poor Mother Earth is ravaged
And disappearing stars

[Chorus 3]
Left to ourselves
And our own devices
Who can we trust
To make the right choices?
Maintain status quo
The House and the Senate
We leave behind
A dead, dying planet
(All coming down)
(All coming down)
(All coming down)
(All coming down)

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