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The Whitlams

"Following My Own Tracks"

It's getting harder to decide
On which way I should go
Should I let myself down fast?
I don't think I wanna know

It's over-said but understated just how hard it can be
Hey I think I've seen this road before
And it's so hard to believe
I'd be back this way again after I told myself to leave

You never said that it was gonna be easy
But I didn't know just how hard it would be

I go 'round and 'round
I'm lost and found
I'm never happy in the middle I've gotta be up or down
Just when I think that I've found level ground
I turn around and destroy all of the life I've found

Well self-destruction's kinda dumb
But if you do it well
You can find heaven if you can handle hell
It's all part of understanding just how strange life can be
Living a lie becomes so easy but now
I just want to be free

I feel inside out never thought I'd doubt my ability to work it all out
Going forward to fall back
Working hard to relax
I never thought that I would be following my own tracks
It's going 'round
It's going 'round
It's going 'round
Words & Music: Stevie Plunder
Stevie Plunder: vocals, guitar
Tim Freedman: piano, Korg C3, backing vocals
Andy Lewis: bass
Stuart Eadie: drums

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