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Clan of Xymox

"My Chicane"

Listen girl you've been so good
I don't want to sound too rude
But I am not falling into you,to see it through

I don't want to be this way
But I can no longer stay
Don't give me that cynic's look
And judge the cover of this book
Like I mistook my Chicane, my chicane, nice you came

I don't know what's in your head
Why don't you tell me instead
I don't want obituaries or talk about
The birds and bees
My Chicane , no name , my chicane
You claim my name chicane
Chicane, chicane, chicane

Since you really want to know
I really hate to let you go
Since I really cannot show
You ask me you need to know
Where to go, where to go

My Chicane , nice you came , my chicane
Nice you came, chicane

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