Call a Cab (Interlude)
Yo, what's up?
(What's up?)
What'cha doing?
Who over there?
(Why yo?)

I'm saying 'cause I'm asking you
Who over there?
(Just me and my friends. We just chilling)
(You know what I'm saying?)
What time they breaking out?
(They wasn't gonna break out!)
(They was chilling'!)

Yo, I said send them cluckhead chicks home
And I'm saying take a cab to the crib!
(Ay, yo, I'm saying why my friends gotta be cluckheads though)

All right
Send them young ladies home
And call a cab to the crib

(All right)
All right I'mma get in the shower
Then I'mma call you back
When I'm ready for you to come

Then you call a cab
(And please ??)
(Cause word up, I'm tired)
Know what I'm saying?
Tell the n***a to go home