Heavy Breathing
[Verse 1]
Now that I got you all alone
'Lone in this room
(All alone in this room yeah)
I'm thinking bout the thing I want to do with you
You can have what you want, it's all right with me
(All right with me, yeah)
Just as long as I hear you saying my name

Cause we can do it
Up, down, back and forth
Your body brings me so much joy
I'm loving the things you do to me
Keep it right there, don't you move
I wanna feel all of you
Girl my mission is to keep you feinding

Heavy breathing
Heavy breathing
That's what I do

[Verse 2]
Now stop, release
Girl catch up with me
Hope I'm not moving too fast for you
Wait, breathe, you're making me
Wanna take you far around too, yeah
(Let's go, let's go)
If you want it all you've gotta do is say the word
Cause I've got what you need
Satisfaction guarnteed
You can count on me, baby we can do it yeah

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

That's what I wanna do
That's what I do
That's all I wanna do
That's what I do
That's all I wanna do