Think About Us
[Verse 1]
Know it's time for me to backspace the thoughts of you
But my functions ain't the same so it ain't no use
And I know that we've grown so far apart
All the space ain't a place for a broken heart
Press ctrl, alt, delete but
I'm afraid it might erase the memories of us
But I'm sure that a restart
Grant me the access to your heart
So if your pa**word hasn't changed
And it's still your first name
Do you mind if I check if our connections still remains?

And I know you've been programmed to stop me
You could override the command, [?] stare and block me

[Hook] x2
Do you ever think about us?
Do you ever think if were ever to get back together?
Would we ever be how we was?

[Verse 2]
And randomly I keep accessing memories
Running across them emails that you sent to me
And it's torturous how you fought for us
When I just pushed escape and let it be
Tryna contrl my options and strip my love when
I shoulda had it all along
This is the point where I went wrong (so wrong)
Now I tune out to the same old love songs
Now my drive ain't the same
Sit and stare at the screen
Wanna reach out to you but don't have your aim

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook] x2

[Verse 3]
Not a day that goes by when I'm surfing online
I don't constantly think about you
Staring at the screen, hoping that I'll see
Your inbox or face-timing me
All I see is a [?] message
Are you even on my friends list?
Did you change up your account?
Thinking I wouldn't notice
But I did
And now the question is
[Hook] x2