​crackheads freestyle lyrics


[Verse 1: lieu]
Claim you're smoking on that loud but I'm smoking on that crack
I just made some sh*t but I'mma put it in the trash
I don't hate you, b*t*h, it's just that your music bad
At the end of the day it's you coming up in last
Call me broke but your broke
I just take it as a joke
I'm so high up off that xan
I'mma motherf**king float
I'm still smoking on dat crack
I might have a stroke
I got nothing else to add
I'll just go home

[Verse 2: sholoh]
All this gas in my eyes no I cannot see
Number nine all on me
I feel like a nazi
I get bands I get bands
That's for certain
Think we cool we ain't gang
We ain't working
Novagang is up (lol)
I dont give a f**k
Talking on my n***as
Then u better duck
Your b*t*h talk too much
She really want me to cuff
Give you one more chance
Thеn sorry your out of luck

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