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"Transmission 1: I Saw The End"

I saw the end
In the beginning
A vision of a wheel spinning unbound

I saw the sky
Consuming itself
The air was vacant and absent of sound

Unbroken consciousness amends
Abide in smoldering inverted pyres
Whisper to us from futures past
Reveal to us our own true form

Within the minds darkness
There lies a doorway
A mirror that does not cast forth a reflection

Formed in a forge not made by man
It’s frame not cast by human hands
Those able to gaze beyond its surface
Trembling they’ll shatter and pass through

For we’re called, called, called to join the parade
The one in which we all must march as our true fears are displayed
It calls, calls, calls, calls from the void
It’s voice echoes from within the space where creation was destroyed

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