El Bandito
[Verse 1]
I spend my nights at home alone
Just tryna write my favorite song
I keep some tea up on that kettle
Just tryna stabilize my mental, uh
But now I'm out in Berkley
Walkin' with my boo thang, thank god she earthy
Open up my chakras and tell me bout my purpose
She the only one I'm with cause she the one thats worthy
Ain't nobody ever been, hot as me thats evident
I know I could talk about my flows but that's irrelevant
I be having so much on my mind like an elephant
I just need to vent, so let me vent dawg, true you know I'm with yall
I just need a set to get it right like a picture
Interceptin' all these women less they came with they n***a
Cause thats disrespectful
I ain't finna take nobody girl, I'm a rapper but I know when I'm not welcome
I be in the club alone, dancing to my favorite song
Turning up with strangers actin' like they was my n***a
If you roll with me prolly should bring some cash with ya
Cause I can't afford to pitch in on anything that we gettin'
But it's cool, yeah n***a it's cool
I'm knowing I'm finna glow up right after I finish school
I'm never working that retail again, nah, I'm cool
Matter fact I might go back and stunt and buy some sh*t thats full price
Ask her if it look nice, n***a that's the good life
Extra sausage for the free, I show you love and cook right
I be in the booth, knocking songs out like goodnight
Ask me if I'm getting money, I say dawg I just might
I lost some friends from back home
See I got a new home, say I can't come back home
Caught up in my 20's like a rapper ran me over
I'm just tryna get this money, age well, and stay sober
And I bet when this thang is over
I be the one they send over thats driving a Red Rover
Buzzin' like cherry cola, I'm happy as hell to meet you
Sausages for the free and I'm just sipping on my tea, cuz

It's good, and it's good, and its good, its good, yeah

I know I'm giving all my time
Spending all my time
Practicing, I'm on the grind
Wonder if it's gon ever give anyone the shine
Wonder if it's gon ever give anyone the shine

[Post-Hook 2X]
And you know very well I'm with ya
Never ever quit I speak for everyone that's with us
Love to all my n***as thats still ridin'
Pour a drink up for you for the free cause they could never ever be us