Low Down & Dirty
If y'know me then y'know me from bussen' heads
Kidnappin' hittin' hustles and duckin' feds
A quiet n***a stay saggin' wit' a bush fade
Hot Boy from Cash Money 'bout gettin paid
And if a n***a outta place where he walk is where he lay
If I miss when I shoot I'll find out where ya stay
Lil' Turk ain't playin' I'm 'bout sprayin' things ain't nuttin' for me
Ta see a n***a brains hang, know y'know about Baby
So I shouldn't have ta tell ya
Drop change on ya feet left stank n***as gon' smell ya
We some Low Down & Dirty n***as
Always hung wit' the souljas not wit' the nerdy n***as
Stay ya distance lil daddy if you don' t want trouble
I'm talkin' 'bout spinnin' Benz in black and lex bubbles
Wit' sh*t that a hit 'cha and hurt 'cha
Turn ya green and purple spin ya 'round in circles

[Lil' Derrick aka Bullet Proof]
Young rida 'bout whateva scrapin' +Trigga Play+
Get out the way when I come n***a
I hate n***a catch fifty out my k' n***a
I don't play n***a earnin' stripes like a boys scout
When I hit 'cha block you buck back or ya a** out
Ears off ya whole click dead dogg that's what I said
This youngsta 'bout bussen' heads that's what I said
I'll paint ya white shirt red that's what I said
You got change on a n***a head you needa bread
Watch how quick the b*t*h come up dead you gon' get bruise
You think it's a game dogg watch the 5 O'clock news
I do what I gotta do ain't no time for no playin'
You be here ta hit the block so when I'm hittin' I'm sprayin
Uptown it's t-shirt man you ain't hear my n***a Turk
St. Thomas puttin' in work puttin' faces on shirts
Stupid n***a you dont want beef wit' us
Cuz we do pull ups, drive bys, and walk ups
And dogg the last n***a pled got his head bust
And dogg you'll get the same that's a promise, promise
I might be young but I ain't scared to spin a bin
I might be skinny but I ain't scared to shoot 50
Juve ridin' wit' me I'll shoot up where ya stay
We 'bout war (?) trigga-play
Me and Juve, I gotta K. he gotta uzi
Two man army I come through gettin' stupid
If we beefin' yo block we'll blose it
Me and Juzey 'cho head you'll lose it
[Young Buck]
Killa guerillas on my team hit blocks in broad daylight
Diamonds that blind ya eye site stun'tn flossin' my motor bike
Paper chasers figgas my pockets stay tight
I get a ki' fa' half-a-price be up from sun to daylight
Gotta make that money mayn, even if it take for me ta split a wig
It ain't no thing cuz I got choppers and grenades brang
What you wan' brang shoot up a head shot from up closely

[Soulja Slim]
I hit blocks erasin', paper chasin' is my hobby
You see me comin' up you playa hatin' try'na rob me
I don't think n***a, Smoked Outt be on the real
Kickin' flights all night try'na come up on a mill'
N***a you-best-a-peep-it cuz my click we takin' over
Do what I told ya or get it knocked off ya shoulders
B*t*h I'ma roller, so +Respect my Mind+, get outta line
And I'ma hit ya wit' that iron, n***a I told ya I'm soulja
And thats on the real, Smoked Outt be the sh*t
Make you b*t*hes feel n***a, feel n***a

[Lil Derrick + (Soulja Slim-n-Turk)]
Ya dig, all the time, you'khamsayn
It's all gravy Baby (yea I hurt the mothaf**kin' game)
Respect his mind, its beatiful
Me, heh dawg I been eatin' fettucini and steak
The last five years na'
(Wat'chu know about that) I'm lovin' this life
(Who the f**k in this b*t*h? Turk)
My n***a Da'shaw just brought a (Viper)
(Dee) Ha its black (Whut?!) its off tha heezy (Darell)
On crome, I know y'all see me pa**in' through y'all hood
You haters out there drinkin' the Hatorade huh?
Haheeh it's all gravy Baby
It's a drought too but I got some birds, but I want 30 b*t*hes
Heehhaa y'know 'bout it stall, it's all you
Cash Money in this b*t*h
K.C., Sha-sha, I ain't forget about 'cha
Baby, Lil' Wayne, Turk, it's all gravy Juve, Suga...Slim, your busy