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Jean Deaux

"Into The Water"

[Produced by THEMpeople]

[Hook: Jean Deaux]
Let's go into the water
Into the water I go
Jump into the water baby x4

[Verse 1: Jean Deuax]
I'd rather hit the wave
Before I hit the ground
Shh, please don't make a sound
My heart is faster now
So love me slow and don't let go
In case that we might drown
Wash me over with the rain
Waters fine I can't complain
Can't see the heavens
Can't see the shore
Can't feel my fingers
Still I want more
I want more
Until my body hits the ocean floor
Until my spirit keep on lifting 'til it splits my core
If you can't hear it, what you talking for?
The f*ck you talkin' bout
If you ain't tryna take the leap
Go ahead leave me now
But if you willing
If you tell me that you with it
You know the water's gifted
You know that I'm a witness
Lets go deeper, deep into the water I go

[Verse 2: Jean Deaux & TheMind]
Blood in the sand
Sand in my hair
Life on the rocks
I reach out for air
Suspended we fall
To the shallow ridge below
We swim to shore, but I'm not sure
My heart is letting go
What do we hold on for
If not to live then what the f*ck are we really fighting for
I don't want to die alone in Barcelona

[Hook: Jean Deaux]

[Bridge: Jean Deaux]
The dive
The dive is killing me
But its the only thing that I live for
The dive
The dive is killing me

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