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"Obama Care"

[Intro: Saba]

[Verse 1: Joesph Chilliams]
We don't celebrate Kwanza here
White folk hate me like Obama Care
Earl Grey tea mixed with lady Marmalade
Hideout like Osama Bin Laden
When I'm my momma age
A million dollars feel like a birthright
Hit her with that long, strong and I got my girth right
Walk this earth with a purpose
Purchase worthless turf
Like burned down churches
Flip it
Spank that ass like a newborn
Bout' to gangbang in New York like [?]
You eva' seen Rizza, Jizza
Miss I got that magic stick
Like sippin' 50 cent juice in a blizzard
Game over
Cocaine hangover
It's clear that I'm the best of the best
Of the same soldiers
A villain that's a mess
Rock a vest with chain over it
Just to yell "G-Unit!" while I meditate in a Volvo

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